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Choosing to put Granite in your home is truly a decision to bring nature into your home. No other stone will come close to Granites ability to aesthetically embody the beauty of nature. Granites key distinctiveness is its crystalline multi colored patterns and it's multi toned reflective and transparent crystal hues. It's a great route for Mediterranean, Spanish, and Rustic styled homes because of prominently found earth tones in Granite. 


With all natural stone you will find an element of uniqueness, in many cases with rare Granite, no 2 slabs from even the same bundle will be the same. However, more affordable less rare granite will be consistently well patterned and uniform. If you are looking for exotic and unique, Granite is your best bet and if your looking for something else granite may also be a good choice. It's the most heat resistant material, and most types are fairly scratch resistant. Browse through our Granite inventory.



Quartz is an excellent choice for any contemporary home styles because of the wide availability of neutral monochromatic tones. Top tier Quartz selections also arguably emulate the most beautiful marble you could find and make a nice fit with classical architectural designs like transitional, farmhouse and french country.


It's great for commercial buildings and kitchens because of its non pores highly hygienic solid surface. It's also scratch resistant, and stain resistant, and it does not require annual sealing. You should definitely consider quartz if you're looking for a low maintenance option. It's certainly an innovative achievement in surface manufacturing. You could also find a good variety of Quartz selections at both high-end and affordable price points. Take a look at our Quartz Selections.


Marble is the most unique and original material selection you could find for your home. There are many differing types covering a wide range of movements and tones to fit your home needs perfectly. Marble can get pretty expensive and although one could easily confuse quartz with marble, side by side, there is a world of difference. Although quartz looks highly elegant there is a distinguishable high end look to marble that you don't get from its man made counterpart. 
Mineral impurities during metamorphism create the irreplicable veining patterns unique to Marble. On top of its exotic rareness, when you buy marble there is also a personalized uniqueness factor that you create yourself with the use of your countertops through time. This process is referred to as a patina. The look of a surface as it ages and wears. The only down side to marble is that because of its soft porous nature it requires the most upkeep, such as bi-annual sealing and scratch preventing. It is however highly resistant to heat making it an excellent choice for hearths and fireplace wall splash.



Quartzite is quickly becoming a very popular countertop favorite. It resembles the look of marble in its hazy grain like transparency while its movement is similar to granite only less rigid and more smooth. Quartzite has a very unique dreamlike quality to it that's reminiscent of beautiful and tranquil scenery in nature like an evening twilight or a calm flowing river. It fits in well with any type of high end home that needs an attractive flair to draw attention from other custom aspects of a home like highly detailed custom cabinetry.  It's marble like tone captures the sfumato look to a greater extent than even most marbles making it a great choice to consider for rustic homes. 


Quartzite is a quartz rich sandstone that goes through metamorphism. It's very hard, scratch resistant, and stain resistant. But annual sealing is still recommended. See our Quartzite! 



We Are Located In The Fort Pierce Industrial Park
          4430 S Commerce Dr. St. George UT


We are a locally owned & family operated business committed to continually extending our service & efforts to the growth and health of the beautiful Southern Utah community. Although we are a new countertop supplier we are coming into the industry with 12 years of previous experience as fabricators. The cornerstone of our business has always been our relationship of trust with our customers and we hope to continue down that path with this new venture. We will go out of our way to give you the very best product selections, at the best price, with the upmost attentive and dedicated customer service. When you visit Amazon Stone Imports, you can be sure that you are dealing with people who care. Give us a call or come by our store today!

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Providing High Quality Surface Material is our Commitment to our Customers

At Amazon Stone Imports we primarily carry Quartz & Quartzite. Quartz is a man made manufactured product and it makes up 90 % of our inventory on hand.

We work with two of the largest Quartz manufacturing facilities out of China & Vietnam. These two companies are both highly reputable producers who fulfill orders for many of the top Quartz brands in the industry today around the world and in the US. Every slab of Quartz imported by Amazon Stone has been strenuously tested at each stage of production from molding & pressing to mineral extraction. These test are run by automated machines that insure the highest level of quality control.  All Amazon Stone Quartz, is industry safe and satisfactory, and of reliable high quality.

We import all of our Granite & Quartzite from Brazil. Brazil produces 70% of the worlds Granite so the variation we have access to is extensive. Our supplier does thorough inspections of each individual slab before confirming an order and before shipping.  All Granite out of Brazil must also go through industry standard testing to meet legal safety standards before leaving both the quarry and distribution centers.

Apart from insuring a high quality product we make a concentrated effort to keep high end Selections of both Natural Stone and Quartz in store.




Haiphong, Vietnam



Foshan, China. Manila, Philippines.

Rio Novo, Espiritu Santo, Brazil



We love to attended our walk in customers who are passionate about their new home, but we also look forward to working with Fabricators and contractors with differing needs. Give us a call today for our bundle pricing we will let you in on our deals. We also make deliveries for free & we have a loyalty program!

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We are open M-F: 9am-5pm, but you can reach us by email at any time and we will get back to you promptly.

4430 S Commerce Drive St. George, Utah 84790


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